Archbishop Mark Du Bois

Bishop Mark is anointed by God to instruct and impart the revelational knowledge of God’s heart to the Universal Church. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Judah International Ministries and the Presiding Bishop of the International Council of Covenant Ministries. He is a visionary called by God to share the hidden mysteries of the kingdom with the nations and a true worshipper and one ‘after God’s own heart’. Through worship, he seeks to impart, instruct, and encourage others to experience the awesome presence of God.

Lady Elect Donna Du Bois

Lady Elect Donna flows under the anointing of the prophetic office. She is a creative teacher, scribe, and speaker of life-changing biblical truths. She serves as an Executive Director for ICCM, and as an Executive Elder overseeing Christian Education at Judah International Ministries. She ministers the Word with the precision of a skilled surgeon enveloped with compassion and great mercy. You will be overwhelmed by the simplicity of truth.

Apostle Warren Anderson, Jr.

Apostle Warren is a sincere, energetic and inspiring minister of God. He serves as an Executive Director for ICCM and he is the Senior Pastor of Living Water Ministries in Tucson, Arizona. His greatest desire in this hour is to know and do the will of the Father. He is called by God to raise up a house of faithful priests who will do what’s in the heart of God, thus becoming a “House of Prayer, Praise, Restoration and of many Nations".

Apostle Eric Newble, Sr

Apostle Eric is a highly motivated and insightful preacher. He serves as an Executive Director for ICCM, and as an Executive Elder overseeing Pastoral Counseling & Family Services at Judah International Ministries. He also oversees Eric Newble Ministries and Inspiring Ministries International. Listeners will be encouraged and edified sitting under his ministry. His presentation is sometimes humorous, yet always sincere. You will be drawn by his compassion and refreshed by his genuine heart to love and serve the Body of Christ.